Hello there. Um, again.

Welcome to my blog, indeterminate number of readers! I have done a bloggingness a bit before, so you might seen that. But if you haven’t (and I’m just going to let that go, this one time) let me give you some fun facts about me. Go on. Let me.

1 ) I have just over 10 weeks until I turn 30.

2 ) I’m pretty OK with that.

3 ) I’m married to a frog-prince who cooks beautifully and wears a cardigan like no other man I’ve ever met.

4 ) I so like to craft. That is no understatement. I’m going to post up pics of things I’ve made, am making, bodged while making and all sorts of craft porn. I hope that use of the word ‘porn’ gets me loads more Google hits.

5 ) I love books and TV and I don’t think that’s incongruous.

6 ) Jeremy Paxman gives me a certain feeling inside.

7 ) I live in South London with the frog-prince, a stack of board games, many kitchen utensils and some stuff under the bed I can’t remember.

8 ) Don’t challenge me to Scrabble unless you really mean it.

9 ) I like to bake a bit, more so than I actually like to eat the baked goods. Because my bum is getting quite shapely. Maybe with that ‘bum’ my Google hits got even more interesting.

10 ) I’ve started this blog because I like to write and be silly, but not in the vain belief that anyone needs/cares/is aware/will be influenced/gives a chuffing arse about what I’m saying. It’s the Internet age – I don’t need a readership to be published! (Did anyone else just hear the death rattle of established published media just then? Weird.)

So leave a comment or get in touch, why don’t you?


C x

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